Chapter 16 Presentation is Up!

We just finished Chapter 16 today in class. Please take a few minutes and review the chapter – I have posted the presentation I gave in class today on our site here. Find the link for it here.

Remember, for homework you are to complete the online quizzes for Chapters 15 and 16. You can use your notes from class and it is expected that you earn a 100% on these quizzes! Take your time and answer the questions!

Once we meet in class again, on the 26th, we will review the answers to Chapters 15 and 16. You will need to study over them for your test on those chapters.

Final Study Guide

Your final, however, will be encompassing all three tests we have taken this quarter on Chapters 7-9, 12-13, and 15-16. Make sure you review your old tests – as the questions will be pulled from those sources. Your old tests ARE YOUR STUDY GUIDES!