Next Up: Chapters 12 and 13

In order to prepare you for the next test (on chapters 12 and 13 on May 12th), I have created new study guides for both chapters.

Those of you who may have worked ahead and have already done Chapter 12’s review, will have to get a copy of the new updated version.

These study guides cover all the possible questions on the test. We will be working on them in class in our groups, and then review them. Be sure to hold on to your copies so that you can study them. You will find them under > Study Tools > Chapter Review section of the site.

Practice for Chapter Quizzes Now Available

I just uploaded some practice quizzes for chapters 12, 13, 15, and 16. These are not going to be identical to the quizzes you get in class – but they will help you analyze what information you should know for the quizzes and the tests.

They are online and will allow you to practice and get instant feedback. They also tell you where in the book you need to look should you need to find the answer.

To access them, just follow this link. Or, place your mouse over the Review tab and navigate to the Quizzes page. Like this > Review > Quizzes.

Update! 4th Quarter Pacing Guide Changed

I was looking over the pacing guide for the final quarter and I decided that we would be trying to do too much to finish off the year. So, I tweaked things and we will be focusing on the more important chapters to close out the year. The new 4th Quarter Pacing Guide reflects this. So, take a look.

Also, I am going to be uploading practice quizzes for chapters 12, 13, 15, and 16. Please take the time to use those tools as they give you instant feedback on questions you are missing. They are not exhaustive – but they will give you practice working with the kinds of questions and material for those chapters. Don’t forget to complete your chapter reviews for more specific information about what is going to be on those tests.

One more thing – don’t just toss your quizzes, tests, and review guides. The final will be cumulative – meaning that you will see all of these questions again!