Class Assignments for 5.18.10

Well, you may have noticed that today, we are in the computer lab. So, let’s get to work! Today you will discover on your own the causes of the civil war!

Introduction to the Civil War Video – if you have a chance, watch it!


First, review the presentation I put together for Chapter 15 – the Road to Civil War. (If your browser doesn’t display it correctly, just follow the link)

You will need to answer the questions on the Chapter 15 Review (find the link for the document at the bottom of the page) Рso make sure you have a separate piece of paper for you to record your answers on. Look over the presentation, answer the questions on a separate sheet of paper and turn in to me.

Your final assignment of the day is to learn more about who John Brown was. On the same web page for Chapter 15, near the bottom of the page, you will see some instructions for the “John Brown Activity”. Follow those instructions – you will be reading more about John Brown and you will also be investigating primary sources that describe what happened. Email me the results of your questions and you’re done!