Update! 4th Quarter Pacing Guide Changed

I was looking over the pacing guide for the final quarter and I decided that we would be trying to do too much to finish off the year. So, I tweaked things and we will be focusing on the more important chapters to close out the year. The new 4th Quarter Pacing Guide reflects this. So, take a look.

Also, I am going to be uploading practice quizzes for chapters 12, 13, 15, and 16. Please take the time to use those tools as they give you instant feedback on questions you are missing. They are not exhaustive – but they will give you practice working with the kinds of questions and material for those chapters. Don’t forget to complete your chapter reviews for more specific information about what is going to be on those tests.

One more thing – don’t just toss your quizzes, tests, and review guides. The final will be cumulative – meaning that you will see all of these questions again!

Chapter Review Guides – Ongoing Homework Assignments

We have a lot of historical ground to cover as we close out the year. We are only in Chapter 7 but our goal is still to reach Chapter 17. In order to streamline things, I will present in class the information you will need for our subsequent quizzes and tests. This also means you will have to review your notes. One thing that will help will be the Chapter Review Guides, which are created for each chapter. They will help you prepare for what is going to appear on the quizzes and tests.

Each Chapter Review Guide, however, will have a fixed due date. You should refer to the 4th Quarter Pacing Guide for those due dates. The best thing would be to come to class with the Chapter Review Guide printed out so that while you are taking notes, you can answer the questions for the Chapter Review Guide. It will help you study, too.

To find the Chapter Review Guide, just follow the navigation at the top that says “Review”. Or click on this link to go straight to that page.

Each Chapter Review Guide is a .pdf file, so make sure you have Adobe installed on your computer.

Fun With the Founding Fathers

Just a little something I found on the web which is kind of fun:

Project: American Revolution Art

For our project, students can choose:

  • Individual work – one product
  • Partners – two products
  • Groups – a product for each member of the group (2+)
    • If choosing a group, eligible to perform the drama.

Decision is due by Tuesday, 3/2.

Rough draft is due by Thursday, 3/4.

Final project is due by Monday, 3/8.

Interview: As a newspaper reporter, you have been assigned to interview delegates to the Second Continental Congress. Choose two delegates who interest you. Write a dialogue in which you interview each delegate and record the answers. (If working with a partner, one take the delegate’s role while the other records the answers as the interviewer to present to the class.)

Create a Poster: Choose one of the following events of the Revolutionary War period and make a poster that will win people’s support for it:

  • The Boston Tea Party
  • Boycott British goods
  • Oppose the Stamp Act
  • Recruitment for the Continental Army

Design the poster with your own artwork or a collage of cut-outs of letters and images. They will be displayed in class so have fun with it!

Write a Play: Write a one-act play in which a small group of ordinary men, women, and children in a small town react to the news of the Declaration of Independence. Remember reactions varied from colony to colony and that not all colonists wanted independence. Must be working in a group to select this option.

Make a Banner: Use fabric and your imagination to make a banner or flag honoring an event in the Revolutionary period such as:

  • The Declaration of Independence
  • The Ride of Paul Revere
  • Support for Independence from Great Britain
  • A reconstruction of a Revolutionary era flag or banner

Use graph paper to draw patterns you will use for cutting letters, numbers, and symbols from scraps of colorful cloth. Glue or sew the designs on your banner. Attach it to a pole or cord to display in class!


Here are the rubrics for each project – read them over so that you will know how you will be graded! Final product is due 3/4! (These files are designed for Excel 2007)




American-Revolution_Play_Rubric – only if you have at least 3 in your group (see Magister Ricard first!)

Homework: Begin Memorizing Your Portion of the Declaration of Independence

We are examining the period of United States history in which the Declaration of Independence was drafted. To celebrate this remarkable moment in human history you are going to memorize a portion of it! Yeah!

Today, you should have copied your portion of the Declaration of Independence – either the Preamble or the first two paragraphs of the Declaration of Natural Rights (“We hold these truths to be self-evident…the consent of the governed.”).

Read over what you have copied down and practice speaking your portion of the Declaration out loud. Pretend you are giving a performance. Use your imagination. This will help you remember and also understand what the words mean. This will be a quiz – accuracy will count! So get it memorized and ready by Thursday, 2/11.