Midterm Study Guide

Remember your midterm is on 1/12/10 – Tuesday!

In order to help get prepared, check out a textbook and print out the study guide! Look over your notes and study – the midterm is 90 questions, all multiple choice. There are matching questions, ones which will test your knowledge of key terms and historical events and people as well as DBQs (document based questions). Remember, the answer to a DBQ is right in front of you!

Here’s the breakdown of the midterm:

  • 33 multiple choice questions
  • 42 DBQs
  • 3 groups of 5 (15 questions) matching

Good luck!

MIDTERM_US History_Study Guide

Announcement: Midterms for US History

Our class midterm will be on Tuesday, 1/12. We will be focusing on all of the historical events we have discussed in class to this point in the year – namely, chapters 1-4. We will be creating a study guide in class and reviewing this week on Wednesday and Friday. So start gathering your binders and your notes together for class.

Chapter 3 Test: Colonial Travel Brochure

Instead of taking a traditional paper and pencil test, you will be creating a travel brochure based on a colony of your choice in order to attract people to migrate from Europe to the New World! Your project will be due when you come to class on Monday, 11/23. Attached to this post arethe files which show the colony each student chose (those who were absent have a dash next to their name and still need to choose a colony) as well as a basic description of the assignment.

Make sure also to PRINT OUT and ATTACH the rubric to your brochure. Read over the rubric! This way you will know how your travel brochure will be scored. Good luck!

  1. Colony Brochure Description
  2. Colony Assignments
  3. Colony Brochure Rubric