Chapter Review Guides – Ongoing Homework Assignments

We have a lot of historical ground to cover as we close out the year. We are only in Chapter 7 but our goal is still to reach Chapter 17. In order to streamline things, I will present in class the information you will need for our subsequent quizzes and tests. This also means you will have to review your notes. One thing that will help will be the Chapter Review Guides, which are created for each chapter. They will help you prepare for what is going to appear on the quizzes and tests.

Each Chapter Review Guide, however, will have a fixed due date. You should refer to the 4th Quarter Pacing Guide for those due dates. The best thing would be to come to class with the Chapter Review Guide printed out so that while you are taking notes, you can answer the questions for the Chapter Review Guide. It will help you study, too.

To find the Chapter Review Guide, just follow the navigation at the top that says “Review”. Or click on this link to go straight to that page.

Each Chapter Review Guide is a .pdf file, so make sure you have Adobe installed on your computer.