New Course: The History of Western Mysticism is Here!

It’s finally here!

There has been a lot of interest in this course and I am finally going to pilot it for those of you who are interested.

The History of Western Mysticism will take you on a journey to learn about the various historical personalities behind some of the most transformational knowledge that we have ever discovered. It is about a tradition that you may not even be aware of yet has been crucial in shaping the very way we understand our world. Join us as we explore the attempts to grapple and answer the biggest questions humans have been thinking about. Dare to see how consciousness has evolved!

Check out The History of Western Mysticism!


Just like old times! Now, we can finally can offer courses to students!

There are quite a many things I am interested in and that I never got a chance to teach you all about. Then again, I often like to think of a classroom as a learning community where we collaborate and learn about things we are all interested in. With that in mind, there are a great many things that I wish to still talk to you about!

Introducing! Here I have added a new feature where we (yes, even you, if you wish!) could develop a course to teach others about something that you are interested and knowledgeable about. The courses may be as serious as the instructor wishes them to be. Check out what is being offered under the Courses tab. Expect that more courses will be forthcoming in the future so be on the lookout!