Chapter 13 – European Society in the Age of the Renaissance (1350-1550)


  • McKay, p. 407-443


Class Materials

Study Guide – Key Terms and Questions CH 13

Review Questions

  1. How did the economic developments contribute to an outburst of intellectual and artistic creativity which became associated with the Renaissance?
  2. Describe the evolution of government in the dominant city-states of Italy.
  3. How did Italian city-states contribute to modern diplomacy? What is balance of power?
  4. What is humanism?
  5. What is the humanist view of the role of education?
  6. What are the dominant ideas and themes of The Prince?
  7. How did patronage of artwork change during the course of the Renaissance? How did this change artwork?
  8. How did the perception of the artist change during the Renaissance? Why do you think this change came about?
  9. Compare and contrast the social hierarchy of the medieval period with the Renaissance. How did the concept of medieval social orders or estates change?
  10. How does Charles VII strengthen the French monarchy?
  11. What does Henry VII do to check the power of the aristocracy and strengthen the monarchy in England?
  12. What were the achievements of Ferdinand and Isabella in the areas of national power and expansion? How did they centralize their power?

Essay Questions


  1. Analyze the relationship between patrons and artists during the Renaissance.


  1. Did women have a Renaissance?
  2. What are western European attitudes towards non-Christians during this era (1350-1500)?


  1. To what extent did the writings of Macchiavelli, More, Castiglione, and Pisan represent new trends in political thought?


  1. How did new technologies contribute to the spread of new ideas during the Renaissance?
  2. To what extent were Renaissance ideas and values extensions from the Middle Ages?


  1. What were the political, economic, and social issues which Ferdinand and Isabella used during the Spanish Inquisition?


  1. Evaluate the involvement of merchants and bankers in the political, economic, and social trends of the Renaissance period.

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