Party Friday!

Make sure to remember to bring $5 and something to drink for our “Opium Wars” party on Friday. Why Opium Wars, you may rightfully ask? Well, because we can get Chinese food delivered and that is really the only way we could connect it to European History, ok!?

Self Tests for CH 28, 29, and 30 Due 5/4

Make sure that you complete the Self Tests for Chapters 28, 29, and 30 by 5/4. They will each count as a test grade and will help you review the material from WWI, the Age of Anxiety, and WWII. You will need to navigate over to the Study Guide and Self Tests page (and you’ll need to enter in the super ultra secret password to gain access…) to complete these assignments.

Homework: DBQ Quick Test for DBQ 2

Please consult the resources on the Document Based Questions on our site here. You will need to read over the DBQ Training Packet in order to understand how to use the DBQ Quick Test.

  1. First, read over the DBQ Training Packet. Make sure you understand what the DBQ is, how it is scored, and the guide I have prepared for you to approaching the writing of the essay.
  2. Get the DBQ Quick Test and fill it out to help guide your writing for DBQ 2 in the back of your textbook.

I expect that you have this with you for class on Monday, 4/30. We still have to go over DBQ 17, which we were unable to get to today in class as we spent some time going over how to construct a thesis from a prompt. I want to go over both DBQ 17 and DBQ 2 on Monday – so be ready with both in hand!

AP Exam Review Packet Due 5/4

Make sure you complete your AP Exam Review Packet! It will count as 2 test grades and is due when you show up to class on 5/4. We are going to spend that whole class period reviewing those concepts again so that you will have a strong foundation of material in your mind going into the exam. If you don’t have it yet (shame on you!!!!) you can find the document by following this link.