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Understanding Goals and Their Integration via Content Mastery Maps

One of the things I was inspired to try this year was to try and elicit deeper connections to the artwork in our course. This meant deeper engagement, spending more time “slow looking” at the works and less time “covering” information. This required an overhaul of my teaching practice and one of the key elements […]

Developing Understanding Goals for AP Art History

I have been writing about retooling my practice as a teacher and changing my focus towards understanding over coverage. I have long been considering this when looking at my students and their performances in my class. Skills, not content, have been my focus as a teacher but it always seemed to come up short regarding […]

And We’re Back…

Just got the old website fired back up. I am going to be re-configuring it for the new AP Art History course, which currently is offering a more globally focused approach to the survey course. There are 250 specific images students are required to know for the upcoming exam sorted out over 10 content areas. […]